Residential Kriya Yoga Camp at Spiritual Village

Sep 26, 2015

Today we returned from our Spiritual Village after the completion of an amazing Kriya & Vipassana Camp. These two days were just awesome! Residential Camp under the supervision of His Holiness Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Mangeshda is a true bliss. Those who attended & experienced these two days with Him.... will never forget this divine session.

Sadguruji was in super flow. One of the features of this Camp was Vipassana. And that was just out of the world. In January 2015, He had taken sessions on Vipassana & this time, He taught some advanced techniques of Vipassana! And there is more in the store….. just wait for KRIYABAAN MELAWA..!

It was sheer pleasure to practice this ancient science of Kriya under His watchful eyes. Sadguruji also taught few new techniques and to put the same in the words is truly difficult.

The serene atmosphere of the Village added its own colours to the overall session. "Don't do the Kriya Sadhana mechanically, do it with sincerity & enjoy it thoroughly." was one of the many takeaways from this session from Sadguruji! The experiences shared by Revered Sadguruji made this session more special. A lot can be said & written, but those who experienced it, are really blessed.

Just imagine how much charged we feel after every Sunday's Kriya Class and here it was two full days with Him under His watchful eyes & guidance! All those who attended this session are blessed are rejuvenated!

THANK YOU SADGURUJI for taking time out from Your hectic schedule & giving us these special moments. Jai Ho! Jai Gurudev!


Residential Kriya Yoga Camp