Wishing everyone in this Universe, a very very Happy and blessed Mahashivratri. May the Lord of the Lords,Mahadev,fulfill everyone’s clear intentions and bless everyone with abundance of Happiness,Joy,and Love.
This is one of the most important and life transforming Day of my life,as this is the day, when I was blessed with the Divine Hand of my Sadguru “Paramguru Sri Sri Mahavtar Babaji” on my head and my Spiritual journey, from nothing to everything, from ignorance to wisdom, to the ultimate Brahmagyan started, and it was again on this same Mahashivratri day, that I was sent back to the worldly life by my Reverred Sadguru, to spread the pious path of Kriyayoga, for the benefit of the mankind. Hence I carry a lot of emotional and happy memories attached to this specific day,when I was taken on the pious journey to achieve the ultimate, and it is on this same pious day that I was sent back by my Sadguruji,after having achieved the ultimate bramhagyan.
My humble Salutations to my Most Reverred Sadguru, who is everything to me.My Sadguru is my Lord Shiva, the Adiguru and it is to him that I dedicate all my actions and the fruits of my Actions.
Everybody knows the mythological story of Mahashivratri, so I would not be dwelling much upon it.
What I wish to touch upon, for everyone who reads this blog, is how to take the maximum advantage of such highly auspicious days for the benefit of ones all round progression and ascension.
On the pious Mahashivratri day, the Vibratory field of the planet earth is closest to the cosmic vibrations, hence any rituals or sadhana done on this day,yields the highest merit and fastest progression on the spiritual path of every earnest seeker. Devotees keep chanting the Shiv Panchakshari Mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” throughout the day, this mantra is said to be one of the most powerful and highly effective mantra.so let us understand the scientific meaning of the same.
The mantra’s mystical or more esoteric meaning is multi-leveled and quite complex. Om Namah Shivaya is a panchakshari mantra, meaning it’s made up of five syllables or literally the five holy letters (na – mah – shi – vaa – ya). It is preceeded by Om or Aum, which is said to be the sacred primordial sound. The five holy vowels are the seed sounds of the five elements of creation—earth, water, fire, air, and ether—and as one chants it, one is working through the process of creation in reverse, hence perhaps the mantra’s reputed power of destroying,manifestations of sin and imperfections.
So on this pious mahashivratri day,when devotees fast from morning to night and keep chanting the powerful “Om namah Shivaya” mantra, their body and mind is getting purified very fast, and the on going abundance of cosmic vibrations, catapults a true seeker, very high and fast on the spiritual plane.
The real test of Mahashivratri sadhana, lies after the mahashivratri is over and the balance 364 days of the year are to be spent with, integrity,honesty and righteousness, this is in essence the real test from Lord Shiva, because, Lord Shiva is in the most benevolent mood on the holy Mahashivratri day, so he grants wishes of all the devotees, who pray to him, with a pure heart and devotion to him, thereby fulfilling all their wishes. It’s after this day, that the real test begins, as one starts interacting with the second living being in the society, with the same old ways,thereby building up more karmas, and then again, wait for one more year of mahashivratri to come and again undergo this whole process of self purification and inner transformation, so that the seeker can evolve and grow on the spiritual path.
In Kriyayoga, I teach my disciples, the value of each and everything,starting from their breathe, that they already have within them and in their immeadiate surroundings, that can easily propel them to much greater heights in their life, both material and spiritual planes, if channelised properly,thereby enabling them to achieve the state of enlightenment.
The holy path of Kriyayoga, since the origin,has always followed the pious Guru-Shishya Parampara, and the first Kriyayoga Diksha given in this holy lineage of Kriyayoga, was by Lord Shiva to Maa Parvati.This lineage has only evolved since the origin of creation,by the creator, and till date the teachings are the same,just that the people,surroundings,places have changed.The science of Kriyayoga has weathered all challenges,but stayed and emerged Stronger each time, the negativity has risen to cause the cosmic deluge. And in the words of My “Sadguru Sri Sri Mahavtar Babaji”, kriyayoga will be the binding and uniting force for mankind to emerge victorious from the throes of negativity.
Just like during the amrutmanthan, when poison had emerged and was going to destroy life on earth forever, Lord Shiva drank the posion but controlled the descent of the poison below the neck, thereby locking it in his neck,and being known as Neelkanth. The same way, through the pious teachings of Kriyayoga, a sadhak can always control the effect of the poison that he/she encounters in the society,by training the mind,through systematic and scientific techniques of Kriyayoga, thereby not getting affected by the poison around, and in turn spreading the positive force of nectar,the Cosmic Love Energy,wherever they go.
On this Pious Mahashivratri day, I bless all earnest seekers and devotees of the Greatest Yogi,Lord Shiva, that,may all your clear intentions manifest for the highest good of self and the Universe, and may all of mankind progress towards their spiritual goal with great speed and consistency. May the dark forces that have created turbulences in the universe be destroyed by the Positive force of “Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness” and may truth, righteousness and harmony prevail all over the universe.

Har Har Mahadev
Om Namah Shivaya

Love& Blessings