The Human Mind


The life of a human being is counted in breaths, days, nights, events, incidents and his built up relationships in the society. When God gives life, in fact, most of the time it depends upon how many breaths we take. If the day is divided into two parts i.e. day and night, normally a person works in the day and rests at night. Similarly, a human being is supposed to breathe systematically to provide more energy to the organs under the well-designed body and rest the body from time to time.


Does God Exist and Why?


God is Love - Infinite Unconditional Pure Love. This Love exists in each one of us although the degree may differ. That is why it is said that God resides in all living beings. But to project this God we need to remove the conditions that we add on to this Love. Unconditional Love is, one which is without any expectations of rewards or returns. It is like the Love we receive from Mother Nature, who, for thousands of years, has been giving bountifully without differentiating amongst living beings - irrespective of their nature, status, colour, etc.


Empowerment Through Love


In my childhood, I once observed a unique plant growing on its own in the courtyard. Out of curiosity I nurtured it. After a few days, I saw a bunch of juicy tomatoes on it. This event germinated an idea that everything has its origin and somewhere there must be my origin too. While interacting with Gulavani Maharaj of Pune, I was enlightened about the origin of my soul. Later, my Sadguru Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji explained to me the universal oneness of 'Aham-Brahmasmi'. How mystic, unbelievable but still realistic! At that tender age I felt - 'We are all One'!


Belief In Oneself


In day-today life, an individual tries to adopt a communication system, which is useful mainly for interaction with others. This includes direct and indirect conversation, messages and telecommunications. Everybody wants that his thoughts should reach the concerned persons. These thoughts may relate to his survival issues, necessities, responsibilities, relationships or interests and likings. While communicating with others, the interaction could lead to either positive emotions or negative emotions. In the process of conveying, even the pleasant thoughts may lead to unpleasantness.

Leading A Healthy Life


Normally, an Individual takes 10/15 breaths per minute. But as the stress starts his breathing rate increases and it may go up to 30/40 or more breaths per minute leading him to mental and physical problems. Yet nobody has time for oneself. Whenever I see the 'I. C. U.' in any hospital, the patients there have ample time and only doctors are giving them appointment. I see a number of people there. They are just waiting to be discharged. It is like a dentist. When we go to a dentist he asks us to take care of our teeth.

Kriya Yoga - A Path of Self Believing

Article Kailash

The word KRIYA means activity or movement - activity or movement of awareness or consciousness. It also means practical or preliminary action.

In contrast to other forms of Yoga, Kriya Yoga does not ask you to curb your mental fluctuations but asks you to purposely create activity in your consciousness. In this way, mental faculties are harmonized and flower to their fullest potential and coordination is brought about between the nervous system and the brain.