Krishna Janmashtami 2022 Kriya Diksha

On the auspicious Krishna Janmashtami day a few lucky Kriyabans got their Second Kriya diksha.

The evening was celebrated with a Mahasatsang on Facebook live with Sadguruji's ASHIRVACHAN, which mesmerized and touched the heart. Participants joining across the World thoroughly enjoyed listening to Sadguruji's deepest insights into the of stories of Mahabharat and Krishna leela.

Guru Purnima 2022 - 3rd 4th degree diksha

What an absolutely outstanding day! Nature was unleashing her fury with the water and air elements - rains lashing, wind howling and waves hurtling, but it hardly mattered - 8 extremely fortunate Kriyabans got the divine gift. Sadguruji's grace is unbounded - his attention to detail, individual attention to each participant, and the divine and powerful teachings with humor mixed in!

Singapore 2022

HH Sadguru Yogiraj Dr Mangeshda graced Singapore with his holy presence after a gap of over 2.5 years as travel restrictions were lifted post the pandemic.

The week began with an extremely scientific and lucid explanation by the self realised Master about the spiritual science of Kriya Yoga. Several seekers attended the talk and interacted with the Master to know more about this holy science. This was followed by Reiki mastership (Level 3) being conferred on students who had completed levels 1 & 2.