Residential Vipassana Workshop

Jan 26, 2016

Vipassana - 2016

As narrated by Kriyaban Shri Ajoy Kumar:

Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation added a new chapter in its colossal repository of knowledge and wisdom for humanity by introducing the residential ‘Vipassana’. Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Mangeshda introduced and conducted this new stream as a five day session from 22nd to 26th January 2016 at the picturesque and divine location of our Spiritual Village – ‘Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Villa’ at Pali, roughly a hundred kilometres away from Mumbai. As explained by Sadguruji, Vipassana (a Pali word) reintroduced by Gautama Buddha more than 2500 years ago means ‘to observe and experience Truth as it exists here and now’.

The participants went through a meticulously planned routine which was transformational and a paradigm shifting experience in all areas of ‘living life effectively’. Each of these areas was personally monitored by Sadguruji as per the individual requirement of the participants. In these five days Sadguruji, with the vision of a hawk and the gentleness of a dove, guided us through:

  • 50 plus hours of intense meditation. Words are short to say anything here. One has to go through this patiently to realise what kind of positive bio chemical, psychological and physiological changes it does to oneself.
  • The most effective use of ‘Brahma Muhoorta’ of each day.
  • The scientific use of Silence with stunning demonstrations.
  • The techniques to control the mind and hence the entire metabolism of the physical body making significant and permanent healthy changes for the path ahead. Since the mind is the cause of almost 95% of our diseases, these techniques are sure ways to prevent and control disorders and move to the arena of complete and real health - thus achieving the near perfect bio-chemical balance in our body.
  • Mastering the stillness of the physical body enhancing clear thinking and moving towards the ‘Light’ in the silence.
  • Effective time management in which you live every moment in the way nature has planned our physical and mental body so that we can achieve our ultimate goal to become one with Truth.
  • The use of diet as a means to produce and maximise the energy required to live and achieve complete ‘Mindfulness’. Here we learned how ‘Less is More’ negating the thought that the more I consume, the more energy I release. Sadguruji showed us the ultimate balance that can be achieved by diet alone and the control on the tongue.
  • Effective use of thoughts thus having control on the negative ones and replacing them with a positive wave. Understanding how thoughts arise and the areas from where they generate is very useful in transforming oneself and being in the flow of things and time.
  • How to have ‘Patience’ as the key to achievement. Since each one of us is completely different from one another, slow but sure progress without comparison helps one to understand oneself better and achieve the required mindfulness.
  • The art of Contemplation - This helps in monitoring one’s growth and drawing up one’s own report card. When done on a minute to minute basis it avoids the restlessness of the mind and keeps it focused on the positive outcome.

And many more...

For all of us who thought Vipassana means just to stay silent for five days, we were in for a sweet surprise when we saw this huge bag of life changing skills given to us which was enough to silence even the most monkey minded person.

This is a must for all those who want to travel on the path of mindfulness and unravel the mysteries within. An ideal companion for all Kriya Yogis as Vipassana acts as a definite catalyst in the search for The Truth. Added to this the bliss of being with Sadguruji and performing your kriyas under His watchful eye is the greatest bonus.

Thank you Sadguruji for producing and directing this magnum opus and allowing us to get the flavour of this divine process. As we reluctantly returned experiencing the mighty power of silence, deep inside a silent thought arose… What an amazing world is inside! Jai Gurudev!


Vipassana - 2016