Guru Pournima 2020 - Online celebrations

Jul 08, 2020

Guru Pournima is a very important day for all of us. Every year we celebrate this day with joy and exuberance. Continuing the same this year too, we celebrated Guru Pournima with the same enthusiasm, but Online. On 5th July 2020 Sadguruji gave his ashirvachan on Facebook LIVE

Thousands across the World made the most of this unique opportunity and joined with family & friends. 

On this pious day, Sadguruji unveiled and inaugurated following new initiatives :

1) Foundation’s New Website.

2) Kriya Sanskar Sadhana Shibir. A unique program which focuses on scientific values of customs & traditions. The invaluable asset of ancient wisdom delivered for the modern times. Ideal for families and any age group from 7 onwards. 

3) Foundation’s New Facemasks 

4) Foundation’s Newsletter.



Gurupurnima Celebrations 2020