Second Batch Kriya Sanskar Sadhana (KSS)

Jul 30, 2020

On 30th August, 2020, Sadguruji started second batch of Kriya Sanskar Sadhana (KSS).

These sessions received an overwhelming response from all over the World. Participants from all timezones spanning the Globe including USA, UK, France, UAE, Singapore, Australia were eager to sign up and take advantage of this unique programme. Both the first batches had to be declared houseful soon after the registrations opened due to logistical limits as these are conducted online and delivered virtually. Not to disappoint anyone however, Sadguruji decided to start a second batch of Kriya Sanskar Sadhana from 30th August, 2020, to accommodate those who couldnot register for the first batch.All participants including the children are enjoying Sadguruji’s effective style of teaching and his authentic methods of practice.  At the young impressionable age, the children are picking up the right sanskaras and values, which will help them throughout their life!