Kriya Yoga Initiation - Singapore

Nov 24, 2018

Glimpses of H.H. Sadguru Yogiraj Dr. Mangeshda's whirlwind visit to Singapore for Satsang and Kriya Yoga initiation and camp from 23rd-24th Nov 2018, organised by the Foundation's Singapore Centre. This visit was yet another example of how much the Master achieves in a short span of time.

On the occasion of Gurunanak Jayanti, Sadguruji addressed a gathering of a earnest spiritual seekers. It was an interactive session in which Sadguruji gave a discourse on various spiritual inquiries of the participants. Sadguruji was in a superlative mood as he beautifully laid down the qualities of a spiritual seeker and how the spiritual journey should start from the fundamental question of “What am I” to understand oneself and how Kriya Yoga can play a pivotal role in transformation of an individual. He explained that Kriya Yoga is an ancient age old science which has a history of more than 5000 years and which has been revived time and again and made suitable and relevant to the needs of the World.

He explained various cosmic, scientific and metaphysical aspects of spirituality and also emphasised that spirituality really lies in simplicity of one's thoughts and actions. This refinement in an individual can happen due to consistent Kriya Yoga practice which starts as regular practice but gradually becomes a continuous process integral to every living moment.

He explained the importance of unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness in self-healing and bringing about self-transformation. He explained the cosmic link we share and that one day Kriya Yoga will transform the World. This is Paramguruji - Sri Sri Mahavataar Babaji's vision.

The following day, Sadguruji bestowed the pious Kriya Yoga Diksha (initiation) on the few lucky spiritual aspirants. The Diksha ceremony was followed by the mandatory Kriya Yoga workshop in which the new Kriyabans learned the secret Kriya Yoga techniques.

The Foundation extends a warm welcome to all new Kriyabans in the ever growing global family and best wishes for their spiritual journey.


Kriya Yoga initiation - Singapore 2018