Foundation's annual day celebration

Oct 24, 2022

Glimpses of Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation's Annual Day and HH Sadguru Yogiraj Dr. Mangeshda's Birthday celebrations on 24th Oct 2022.

All of us were eagerly looking forward to this Annual Day on 24th October which took place after 3 years and how beautifully we, restarted! The programme had a wonderful background of Deepavali festivities! The ambience was energetic & electric! It was wonderful to listen to Revered Sadguruji Dr. Mangeshda. He paid tribute to our beloved Haresh ji in a unique way. He talked about Self Defence programme which He had created for Women Empowerment! He narrated as to how His Birthday is being celebrated in Hyderabad! He was emotional to see all family members!! We all would have loved to hear more from Sadguruji! But as usual He had His eyes set on the watch and He handed over the stage to Megha Malhar Team.

Prior to this, Sadguruji Dr.Mangeshda was felicitated by many dignitaries for His contribution to Yog & Naturopathy! Many doctors attended the programme. Mr Amol Pednekar from Vivek Group graced the occasion! It was a special day because after so many days/months/years; we could see in person, our Guru offering His gratitude to His Sadguru! It was a signal that now the meter is down and our offline programmes would start! Jai Ho! Sadguru Dr. Mangeshda was presented with a Medal & a special Certificate of Record for International Yoga Day Celebrations, wherein Sadguruji and team performed Yog asanas at a height of 12K feet in front of Kedarnath temple.

The afternoon also witnessed inauguration of 24th Issue of our International Magazine “THE AWAKENING!” at the hands of Sadguruji & the editorial & production team! The entire editorial team of THE AWAKENING! bowed down in His feet for seeking His blessings! Thanks to all the family members for their contribution by ways of advertisements, donations and articles.

The Musical Afternoon – उसके बारे में क्या कहे! Music, melodies & blissful presence of the Master, the afternoon had to be special. The orchestration and the singers as well as the compere were too good. We enjoyed the musical journey presented by Megha Malhar! It was very soothing & melodious! Almost all present danced, sang, everyone loved the music. As they say “तुम मिले दिल खिले और जीने को क्या चाहिये….” A wonderful musical bonanza made our day. There was NOT A SINGLE DULL moment & the energy bar went on increasing! Thank You Sadguruji so much!

The evening also witnessed one special moment! Sadguruji unveiled a book (viz. मन:पूर्वक) which is a compilation of various articles by Kriyaban Hrishikesh Ambaye. This was a very special gesture by Sadguruji! The book was unveiled and kept for sale at the counter. It generated a very good response. The sale proceeds of the book will be used for charitable work of the Foundation.

Kudos to all volunteers & technical team for a great team effort! We remembered our old days! The Diwali Faral was a special gift for all! And meeting Sadguruji and all fellow family members, some of whom had come from far-off places, was more special. Sandip Pandya Ji was fabulous as usual in hosting the show!
Thank you once again Sadguruji! As usual, it was an amazing Annual day! Sadguruji continues to astonish all the family members with remarkable return gifts on His birthday.
Happy Diwali to Sadguruji and everyone!