Orientation lecture on ‘Kriya Sanskar Sadhana'

Jul 10, 2020

On 12th July, 2020, Sadguruji gave on Facebook live, Orientation lecture on ‘Kriya Sanskar Sadhana (KSS)’. It is a unique programme which has been meticulously designed by Sadguruji. Many decades after conceptualising it, keeping in view the need of the present times, he has brought this programme forward for everyone’s benefit. It presents the science of Indian traditions and customs to increase energy levels and enrichour life.

The series of twelve sessions draw upon the learnings from 5000 year-old discipline of Kriya Yoga, Vedas, Bhagwad Gita and other ancient scripts. Objectives of the sessions are to understand scientifically, the relevance of ancient cultural practices in the current times. The sessions are designed to be experiential workshops on a range of topics and practices across Customs, Yoga, Elemental values, Workings of the human mind etc. Results for the participants include:

1. Imbibing good values from the Scientific basis of our ancient culture

2. Improving focus and memory

3. Dealing with emotions.

4. Development of Mental and Physical health

The 1st Session would be of 12- part series. This programme is intended towards amplifying the bio-magnetic energy of an individual through scientific application of ageless techniques. With regular practice pivoted on habit change,  the body and the immune system can be prepared to combat any disease or pandemic threat in the near term as well as for the future.