Awakening ESP workshop - B1

Aug 15, 2022

First batch of awakening ESP workshop in Goa. The unique and first time workshop of Awakening ESP to Develop Psychic Ability was conducted in Goa from 13th to 15 Aug. 

Awakening ESP - Developing Psychic ability

The name looked exotic, kind of out of reach, but it sparked enough curiousty to sign up. On the first day itself, we got insight into how it was going to be unique, transformative. 

Most of us are slaves of habits, our own nature. While we have been equipped with lot of tools for progressing, but our success is limited by our own self. We are our biggest enemy. The session was designed to address this.

Sadguruji started off with the most basic building blocks of our being - that shape us, make us, determine our future. He combined science, psychology, spirituality to explain nature of mind, memory, senses and energy. He elaborated the workings of habit formation, our nature and behavior by detailing and showing the interrelationship of our subconscious, hormones, perception , energy, intensity and neuro circuitry.

A workshop so profound was not just theory but filled with practical solutions and recommendation to over come the challenges and limitations we face. What was truly amazing was the artistry with which Sadguruji took us journey of making us realise , accept our flaws limitation, recommending solutions and motivating us. He engaged even the youngest participant of 11 years and guided her and us on how to learn, remember, organize, sharpen oneself.

The session was just level 1 and Sadguruji has chartered the course to take all participants to the seemingly unattainable. The workshop did not end in Goa but begun with a 28 day regimen - set of exercises, diet that seek to reprogram, reboot you.

Heartfelt gratitude Sadguruji for having us for this amazing session. We are truly blessed as Sadguruji was maximising every available second for our well-being and development.

Heartiest congratulations to all the lucky participants who will immensely benefit from this workshop. 

As narrated by Kriyaban Rameshraj Maddu