Workshops By Sadguruji - Singapore

May 19, 2018

H.H. Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Dr. Mangeshda's whirlwind tour of Singapore (18th-19th May 2018) was action packed and marked by several sessions; which yet again demonstrate the value of time and how much can be possible and achieved, if we really live each moment to the fullest. The Kriyabans in Singapore, had a rare opportunity of a special revision their Kriya Yoga practice under Sadguruji's in-person guidance. This was followed by an intense Meditation Teachership workshop in which Sadguruji assigned the responsibility of spreading his message of holistic well-being to our Foundation's new meditation teachers in Singapore. The final icing on the cake was the much awaited workshop 'Wellness through Mindfulness'. The topic of Mindfulness was introduced by Sadguruji to the participants in a stepped construct. This helped them understand the topic from the point of practical application of Mindfulness in daily life and enhancing the quality of life holistically. From de-stressing, and relaxation to removing impediments at a psychosomatic level and ultimately touching upon the spiritual aspect of practicing mindfulness. Being an authority on his subject, Sadguruji had a lot of insights to share from his rich treasure trove of experiences and research in this field which spans more than 5 decades. It was truly an amazing experience for everyone who attended and benefited from this session. It was truly a Master Class! The session concluded with distribution of certificates and the participants were left wanting more. As Sadguruji put it, we will take a break for now until the next time.


Singapore Workshops - 2018