Biannual Kriyaban Melawa

May 01, 2019

Activity - kriyaban-melawa-may


Glimpses of the bi-annual Kriyaban melawa on 1st May 2019 conducted by H.H. Sadguru Yogiraj Dr. Mangeshda. The purpose of melawa is that Kriyabans can practice Kriya Sadhana under the Master's watchful eyes, get all their doubts cleared and learn more about Kriya Yoga. This melawa's main theme was Health and Fitness - "Fit Hai To Hit Hai". Sadguruji guided the kriyabans with His mesmerising Amritwani. He emphasized the importance of being fit & healthy, regular practice of Kriya Yoga, how Kriya Yoga helps a person to grow in all aspects of life. All Kriyabans practiced the Asanas, Kriyas under Sadguruji's watchful eyes. He taught some new techniques of Kriya Yoga. Then there was a review of various activities undertaken by the Foundation during the past year. It involved activities on all fronts be it Spiritual, Social, Sports, Arts & Music. It was sheer pleasure rewinding to those events and re-live those wonderful moments. There were some great sharings by new Kriyabans on how Kriya helped them achieve mental peace, focus and also how Kriya helped them in their profession. Kriyaban Mithila Gaitonde made a very touching sharing about how Sadguruji's grace and actions helped her husband escape death after a major heart attack, which even left the doctors perplexed. As part of one's focus on health & fitness, Sadguruji has started conducting regular Yoga classes for general public, including special batches for children and senior citizens. And to inspire more and more people to adopt Yoga, Sadguruji has started training many people for competitive level Yoga at state, national and International level. The compere for the day was Kriyaban Hrishikesh Ambaye and was ably supported by the technical team. Kudos to all the organisers who took efforts to ensure everything was in place for the smooth functioning of the event. Its always a pleasure spending the whole day with the Master. You get so much of wisdom, new knowledge, a variety of input and of course His grace & blessings. People from various parts of the country travel to Mumbai for this special day. Thank You Sadguruji for this wonderful get-together. All in all a wonderful day well spent with THE MASTER!


Activity - kriyaban-melawa-may