Awakening ESP workshop - B1

First batch of awakening ESP workshop in Goa. The unique and first time workshop of Awakening ESP to Develop Psychic Ability was conducted in Goa from 13th to 15 Aug. 

Awakening ESP - Developing Psychic ability

The name looked exotic, kind of out of reach, but it sparked enough curiousty to sign up. On the first day itself, we got insight into how it was going to be unique, transformative. 

Krishna Janmashtami 2022 Kriya Diksha

On the auspicious Krishna Janmashtami day a few lucky Kriyabans got their Second Kriya diksha.

The evening was celebrated with a Mahasatsang on Facebook live with Sadguruji's ASHIRVACHAN, which mesmerized and touched the heart. Participants joining across the World thoroughly enjoyed listening to Sadguruji's deepest insights into the of stories of Mahabharat and Krishna leela.